System Health Checks and Assessments

Let Landor ensure you are fully maximizing your storage investments and planning correctly for the future – whether you are using NetApp or any other storage vendor.


Ensure you are getting the best performance from your storage infrastructure

Landor’s Storage Health Checks and Assessments were built to help you better understand your storage environment, avoid risks, maximize your existing investments, and gain insights that will help you plan more effectively for whatever the future is going to look like for your organization.

Is your storage infrastructure having trouble keeping up with your business goals, projects, or applications? Talk to a NetApp and storage expert to learn how Landor can conduct a thorough and personalized assessment of your current storage or NetApp environment:

Better understand the storage technology you rely upon

Ensure you are maximizing your existing investments

Find out if you can do more with what you already have

Shed light on any operational or infrastructure gaps

Build a customized roadmap to plan for the future


Key benefits

Data is the lifeblood of your organization – and without a complete understanding of your storage infrastructure, it’s impossible to guarantee you are making the best decisions for both your IT infrastructure and your company as a whole. During your personalized Health Check and Assessment, Landor’s experts will:

Provide a holistic view of the components that make up your storage infrastructure

Discuss how to maximize what you already have, instead of trying to sell you something

Learn about your backup policies and SLAs to show you what you can be doing better

Find out if you are creating more copies of your data than is necessary

Determine how you can make room for growth within your existing storage environment

Regardless of your organization’s size or industry, Landor will ensure you have a firm grasp on your storage environment, and help you get the best performance from your existing NetApp or storage investments.

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