NetApp Data Fabric Solutions

Let Landor help you build a data fabric that empowers you to better understand, store, manage, and extract value from the growing amount of data that flows through your organization.


Transform data into one of your most valuable assets

Your data is everywhere. It’s in every form imaginable, growing minute-by-minute, and stored both on-premises and in a variety of clouds. If you are one of the many organizations that is finding it increasingly difficult to not only store, but also tap into the power of all your data – Landor can help.

Together with NetApp, we can help you build a powerful data fabric that simplifies operations, lowers costs, improves your security posture, and will transform your data into one of your organization’s most valuable assets.

When it comes to your data, do any of these challenges keep you up at night?

Using your data to make intelligent business decisions?

Getting past the limitations of your storage environment?

Managing data so it can be viewed as a strategic asset?

Protecting your data from risks that come from remote work and using the cloud?


What is a data fabric?

Data fabric is an architecture and set of data services that provide consistent capabilities across all of your endpoints – spanning on-premises and multiple cloud environments. Landor has the storage, cloud, and NetApp expertise to help you build one for your organization that will simplify and integrate data management, as well as:

Accelerate your digital transformation initiatives

Introduce consistent and integrated hybrid cloud data services

Improve data visibility, insight, access, and control

Enable stronger data protection and security, no matter where it lives

Data Storage and Management

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Get more out of your data with Landor and NetApp

Landor is the only NetApp-focused solution provider in Alberta. Rather than trying to fit a square-peg solution into a round-hole need, Landor follows a refreshing approach to selling technology that’s centered around your needs. After understanding your goals and challenges, you’ll get a tailored solution that will bring performance, simplicity, and intelligence to your data environment – enabling you to think less about storage, work smarter, and drive outcomes that increase IT’s impact on the business.

Proven NetApp technology and services

Landor’s business is built around NetApp, with teams that offer decades of experience around the NetApp solutions that are making a measurable difference in organizations throughout Canada:

Flash and hybrid storage

Data management platforms

Data backup and recovery

Hybrid cloud services

Public cloud integration

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