Landor Cloud Services (LCS)

Simple, secure, cost-effective cloud backup and disaster recovery built specifically for organizations with NetApp environments.


Replicate your data to a cloud that is managed by Landor’s NetApp experts

Do you want to replicate your data to the cloud, but cost is a challenge? Are you tired of managing and paying for an expensive DR environment? Can’t understand why your cloud costs keep changing? Landor Cloud Services were built to help.

With clear and concise monthly billing, local support, and enterprise-level NetApp-to-NetApp replication, Landor Cloud Services can provide affordable, enterprise-class backup and disaster recovery at a significantly lower cost than other major cloud providers.

Capacity available for terabytes to petabytes

Significantly lower costs compared to AWS and others

Everything is managed by Landor’s local NetApp experts

More personal level of service than larger providers

High-performance options available if you need them


Cloud backup made simple and affordable

Backup and restore your data from Landor’s secure, NetApp-based cloud without the need for additional hardware.

Avoid the risk of data loss: Backup copies go from your NetApp environment to Landor’s over a secure connection, and data restoration is simple.

NetApp-to-NetApp environment: Going from one NetApp environment to another, backups are smoother and more efficient.

Fixed cost structure: You pay a fixed cost each month, with options available to meet just about any business or operational need.


Fast, secure, cloud-based disaster recovery

Ensure your data and critical apps are always available for immediate failover in Landor’s secure, NetApp-based cloud.

Avoid the need for a secondary site: Place your replicas securely off-site without the cost or complexity of building and maintaining a secondary data center.

Recover from an unexpected event quickly: Thanks to Landor’s NetApp environment, you can be up and running in as quickly as 3-4 hours after a disaster.

Only pay for what you need: The compute, memory, and virtual environment resources are billed daily to ensure you only pay for the resources you need.

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