Disaster Recovery + Business Continuity

Let Landor ensure you can remain operational and recover swiftly after an unexpected event.


Sometimes bad things happen. Will you be prepared?

Despite your best efforts, data loss and catastrophic failure to the systems you rely upon are all-too-real possibilities. Even if you have a formal disaster recovery plan in place, when’s the last time you tested it? Does it account for all the changes to your IT environment since it was developed?

When a disaster strikes, there is a lot at stake. If you aren’t 100% confident your disaster recovery (DR) plan or business continuity (BC) strategy will perform after an unexpected event, Landor can help.

Protect against downtime and data loss caused by:

Hardware failures

Lost or stolen devices

Power outages

Natural disasters

Human error



DR and BC are not the same, and they are both important

Business continuity and disaster recovery are often used interchangeably in many organizations. Although they are complementary, they are actually very different practices:

Disaster recovery: Focused on planning the restoration and recovery of technology, functionality, and data that was lost during an outage or disaster.

Business continuity: Focused on analyzing risk and planning to ensure the business can continue to operate under a variety of scenarios after an unexpected event.

By combining the two, your organization can ensure a quick and efficient recovery after an expected event – whether it’s a burst pipe or country-wide natural disaster. 

Landor can build an effective DR and BC strategy for your organization

The entire idea of “disaster recovery” is not what it used to be. In today’s digital age, you need to be ready for anything that can cause disruption or data loss for your organization. With a trusted partner like Landor, you can get the guidance you need to build a solid business continuity strategy and disaster recovery plan. Landor will help you:

Build a business continuity strategy or disaster recovery plan from the ground up

Test, document, and improve upon any strategies or plans you already have in place

Understand your risk profile and recommend strategies to mitigate unacceptable risk

Leverage best practices and best-in-class technology that can be tailored to your unique needs

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